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    We are Serah group, a complete travel solutions multinational organisation with presence in India, Middle East, Europe and West Africa. We now have active offices in India, Dubai, Bahrain, Manchester and Lagos. We believe that travel is all about creating genuine and authentic experiences of people, the landscape, and heritage, with every aspect of the trip being well looked after. We want to make your travel beautiful which brings a smile to your face every time you travel or remember the journey.Your Key To Travel Excellence is the mantra that we operate.

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    International Travel Services


    Visa Facilitation Services

    We assist travelers with Visa arrangements, whatever be your reason for travel.


    Travel Insurance

    Insurance is a compulsory element while travelling abroad. We provide you the best Travel Insurance as per your travel needs.


    Airport Assistance

    We are registered with the Airports in Dubai. We provide you with airport assistance so that you get a seamless and hassle-free experience at the airport.


    Local Travel Needs

    We can provide you with all the required elements for your local travel. We assist with the booking of the EURAIL Tickets or Local Car rental which helps you to avoid waiting at Airports and travelling effortlessly across your travel destinations. We also have facilities for booking Cruise travel should you want to the same.

    Our Services

    We provide travel experience through our full-service travel agency with our unique platform specially designed for global travel community